Log in to your PropertyPal Account 

The section labelled 'Users' in the middle of the page is a list of current users on your account. 

At the bottom of this, there is an option to 'Add New User' , click this. 

A new page will appear labelled 'Registration' (Please see screenshot below)

Please enter the details of the new user into the spaces provided and when ready, click Sign Up. 

*NOTE if the user has a common email address, e.g. info@, sales@ - this may not work if more than one user has this set up. We would recommend setting up personal email addresses for each user (e.g. name...@xxxxxxx.com)

The User will receive a magic link to the email address associated with their new account. Click this in order to set up a password. 

If you experience any issues please do not hesitate to contact us at help@propertypal.com