If you have received an email about expired listings and your properties are added and updated via a feed, then you dont need to worry!  Your feed will automatically re-list any properties that are still available!

If, however, you manually list your properties, there are 2 ways to re-activate a listing that is expired, or is due to expire.  Please see below:

1.  Log in to your PropertyPal account.

2.  At the top of the Account page, when you have properties or property type expiring, a message will appear at the top of this page as per the screenshot below:

3.  Click on the View Expiring Properties button and you will taken to a list of properties and property types due to expire as per the screenshot below

4.  Click on the Relist button on the right hand side of each property or property type to relist.

Alternatively you can  follow the steps below:

1.  Log in to your PropertyPal account and click on Developments at the top of the page.

2.  As you scroll down your list of developments you will see the Expired property types marked in Red and the property types about to expire marked with a green triangle beside Live as per the screenshot below:

3.  To reactivate the property, click more info on the property type and click on the Advert tab as per the screenshot below and click the button to relist the property type: