Your brochures are accessed through your CMS account. When logged in, access 'Properties' from the top options, then select 'more info' against the property you want to create a brochure for.

Once accessed you will see the brochure option on the right hand tab. This is the section that will allow you to download your brochure. You will have a few options such as amount of pages, description length etc. It is best to download a few and see which option you prefer as some may be better to use than others (this can be dependant on the amount of text for a property, or the amount of images the property has etc.).

Once downloaded, the PDF can be printed as a brochure, or you can attached the PDF to 'files' (see above image)and this will be uploaded to PropertyPal.

To download your sales/rental lists, all you need to do is access 'Properties' from your CMS and there is a link towards the top of the page.

On this page, you can choose options such as sales/rental, towns, max price among others. Again, it is best to try different variations and tailor your choices to the relevant customers.