As I am sure you are aware of the benefits of conducting Open Viewings in your business. With the fantastic exposure that PropertyPal can provide, we want to turbo charge your open viewings. We can significantly increase the volume of people coming through your customers door and make your property viewing event a success.

When you add an open viewing to your properties on PropertyPal, we will take the following steps:

  • Open Viewings will be pushed to the top of the search results on the day of the Open Viewing, so you can guarantee that your listing will be seen by significant volumes of relevant people.

  • For up to 7 days before on both the search results page and the property details page we’ll remind people when they can attend your open viewing helping to drive additional footfall.

  • Every single person that receives search alerts from PropertyPal across Northern Ireland will be exposed to the Open Viewings happening in their area! Not only will they be seen on a daily basis inside their property alerts, but we will also send out a further email reminding them they can attend specific Open Viewings happening nearby.

For any property that has an Open Viewing organised you simply log into PropertyPal and mark the day and time that it takes place on. We’ll then promote it on our website and email alerts.