The re-listing of properties that have been on the market for a period of time is known as Portal Juggling and is an illegal practice subject to hefty fines by National Trading Standards.  NTS see the practice of deliberately removing properties and re-listing them as new as misleading for homebuyers.  Please see the article below:

While we understand that you may be under pressure from a vendor to re-list a property, due to the warnings from the NTS we have had to review our policy and restrict re-listing requests to properties that have been withdrawn from the market for a period of one calendar month. 

As an alternative, I suggest that you "Feature" the property which will bring it to the top of the search for a specified length of time in your chosen areas. 

If the property you would like to re-list, has been off the market for a period of one calendar month or more, please contact us on, letting us know the address of the property, and we will re-list this for you.