supports uploading properties either manually via our CMS or via a data feed from another software package. If you’re seeking to upload listings automatically via data feed there are a number of options available, the correct one will depend on your circumstances.

I’m an Estate Agent and I Use a CRM

If you already use an estate agency CRM system there is a good chance that we will already support a data feed from that system. We currently support data feeds from the following estate agency CRM systems.

  • Vebra Alto
  • Vebra Live
  • Jupix
  • Expert Agent
  • Edge
  • WebEdge
  • Acquaint
  • SME Professional
  • Tilt/Origin
  • Tilt/Elevate
  • Dezrez
  • Rezi
  • CFP Winman
  • Property CRM
  • EIG (auctions)
  • MyHome CRM
  • Reapit
  • Qube / Aspasia
  • VTUK

If your CRM isn’t listed and it supports sending outbound feeds in the Rightmove V3 (BLM) format, or the Rightmove RealTime Data Feed (RTDF) format then we may also be able to take the feed with a minimum of effort.

I’m building a website for an estate agency

If you’re building a website for an estate agent and want to list properties automatically on, the first step should be to investigate if the estate agent already uses an estate agency CRM, if they do, using the existing data feed is the preferred method of receiving the data.

If you can’t provide a feed from an existing CRM, then the following options are available, each have different levels of technical ability that are required.

Rightmove Real Time Data Feed

The Rightmove Real Time Data Feed involves communicating with using an API that conforms to the RTDF specification and is authenticated using client certificates, this API requires a high level of technical ability and investment of time that may only really be feasible for larger estate agency groups and web development agencies but allows listing properties immediately as changes are made in the CRM system.

Rightmove V3 (BLM)

The Rightmove V3 (BLM) feed involves producing a text file export of all property data and transferring that file to via FTP on a schedule. This method usually results in data being updated every few hours or once per day but requires much less effort and technical ability than RTDF.

Web Crawler can crawl your website using our in-house web crawler and extract the data straight off your web pages. This requires the least effort from you however this can be done at a maximum of once every 24 hours. In order to maximise the quality of the data listed on, we may require you to make changes to the website HTML, if the data is not of sufficient quality we may not be able to proceed.

Other CRM

If you use, or represent a CRM that does not currently feed to we are happy to accept feeds from new CRMs in the Rightmove V3 (BLM) or Rightmove Real Time Data Feed (RTDF) formats. Or if you have an existing API or data feed specification, we always happy to add new integrations to our platform.

Please send details of your existing CRM API or data feed or indicate that you are happy to send a BLM or RTDF feed and we can take it from there.


For details of the RTDF and BLM feeds, please see the documents below.