accepts feeds in a variety of formats with a range of complexity and features, traditionally these feeds come from management software that the agent has installed in their office, if you already use some off the shelf property management software, its possible that it already provides feeds in a format that we accept so as a first step I would recommend exploring that.

For reference, we accept feeds in the formats provided by Vebra, Dezrez and a variety of applications that provide feeds compatible with Rightmove V3 (such as RentPro, RentMan and others). We also accept Propertynews Edge feed and some other management software supply feeds in the Edge format such as Back Office from Flint Studios.

If no such feed is available then we recommend you use PropertyPal's feed format known as PPRD.  PPRD utilises a web crawler that extracts data from the agents website thus eliminating the need for your web developer to build and maintain a separate components of your website, instead they just need to add extra markup to your detail pages, provide an XML sitemap and we will do the rest.

Full details of PPRD and a guide on how to implement it can be found at the following URL: